G-Smart Web Setup Guides for installation and configuration

G-Smart Web filtering service is compatible with practically any device connected to the internet. We make safe internet available for users of Windows, Linux and MacOS on laptops, netbooks, tablets, mobile phones and smartphones.
On this page we have accumulated detailed instructions for different platforms.

Computers and other devices have unique identifiers to recognize each other on the global scale. In the Internet IP addresses act as such identifiers.

IP address looks like If the computer’s IP address never changes over time it is called a static IP address. If the IP address changes each time the computer connects to the Internet, then such IP address is called dynamic.

Static IP addresses are usually given to servers that perform important functions, such as processing emails, supporting sites, sharing files, etc. There are some Internet Service Providers who give static IP addresses to all their clients by default, but more often it is necessary to make a special contract with the provider to get a static IP address.

Dynamic IP addresses are usually given to users who don’t have a permanent dedicated Internet access — those who use modems, DSL or GPRS/3G/LTE for portable devices. In this case, each time the computer connects to the Internet it is given a new IP address from the range owned by the provider.

Thus, computers on the Internet recognize each other by IP addresses. However, human beings find it easier to memorize sites by their names, or domains. It is easier for us to find a search engine by its name, like google.com, rather than by its IP address, like

The DNS service relates domain names to their IP addresses. It can be compared to a phone book in which you find a person’s phone number by his name.

What you need to know to use G-Smart Web

First of all, it is necessary to find out what kind of external IP address you have: static or dynamic. Your Internet provider’s support specialists will tell you the answer to this question.

It is easier to start using G-Smart Web if you have a static IP address, as all you need to do is attach your IP address to your account through the dashboard on G-Smart Web.com and add the DNS addresses of our service in your network settings. No additional applications are required.

In case of dynamic IP address you need to make additional settings in your router or computer according to our guides or use special program G-Smart Web Agent.

Possible problems

Modern telecommunication networks have a complicated architecture. Their peculiarities may sometimes hamper or disable the work of our service.

Some Internet providers use the NAT technology which allows all users to share the same IP address. But, this technology hampers or disables the work of many additional services, such as G-Smart Web. To overcome this problem you can install G-Smart Web Agent on your computer.

Also some Internet providers (or internet gateways of organizations) use a transparent proxy to speed up users’ work and reduce traffic. The problem is that this technology can interfere with the general work of G-Smart Web and prevents us from blocking forbidden sites. We have a special feature which lets G-Smart Web work in such cases too. We are working towards overcoming other limitations of the DNS technology and expect G-Smart Web to perform its functions in any environment.

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